Thursday, October 28

Madres by Alejandra Oseguera

These beautiful breastfeeding and babywearing pieces are by Alejandra Oseguera, a very talented Latina artist.   I fell in love as soon as I saw them.  

You can visit Alejandra's website or Etsy shop to see more beautiful Latina inspired art. 

Her Day of the Dead paintings are perfect.


MJ said...

Those paintings are beautiful! I'm enjoying your blog, I love wearing my baby!! I've been doing it since he was born and it's simply the best experience I've had as a mom.

Thank you for visiting my blog! You were the winner of my giveaway so make sure you send me your info right away!

~That Rain Girl said...

Those are amazing! I just found an etsy shop along the same lines the other day, without the latina accent. :) I love these. The one is like Mary and Baby Jesus. The color is so rich with culture too. I am in L.O.V.E. I might have to keep my eyes on these.

Im just the plain Jane white girl, but my husband is half mexican, so on his fathers side of the family it is very rich in Mexican culture, tradition, music AND FOOD!!!! (Yummy) My FIL and all of his siblings are bilingual, my husbands generation is not. I try so much to do little things (like order spanish books from the scholastic book orders) to keep the culture and heritage alive for my children. We have a very hispanic last name. :) Its precious with my little blue-eyed beauties, but its a piece of our family for sure and I try to do everything I can to embrace it for them... even though its not "me."

Thank you SO much for sharing this!

Stephanie said...

Pretty! The 1st one is my favorite.

Madeline said...

Such tender images.

Catalina said...

Beautiful artwork- I especially like the baby wearing art. It reminds me of the love a mother has for her children.


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