Sunday, October 10

Marathon girl ready

I would usually be the first person to say that for running all you need is a pair of shorts and some good running shoes....but lately, I have found that comfort and style makes a run so much better.  Marathon girl ready

Marathon girl ready 

Here are some of my favorite picks.

Including this really cute Pink Race Tee by Lucy.

The more I run I find out how important it is to have adequate running bottoms (more on this post's to come) there is nothing worse than  sweaty  wet pants (around the crotch area) and heavy fabric during a long run.  I am in love with this Runaround Skirt.

I recently started running in these Nike dry fit socks.  They aren't the cheapest at $12 bucks a pair but definitely worth it for the dryness and the extremely nice fit.  I will be ordering more.

I am currently running in the Nike free's (closest to barefoot running) during short runs and breaking in my Pegasus for long runs... but these Nike Vomeros have been favorites for years.   I ran my first half marathon in these and never had any pain.

These headbands look perfect for keeping hair in the right place and out of my face.  I love the colors!

*These are all personal picks.  I have not been asked or compensated for mentioning any of these products. 
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Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

Great list!! You have to tell me how you like the Nike Frees. I'm thinking of buying a pair after my half! :-) Good luck on your Marathon!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing your favorite running products! That Runaround Skirt is adorable - I bet you look fantastic in it. :)


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