Sunday, August 28

2008 and so in love...

with having a baby in the house again, I decided to start blogging and share all the changes (so naturally happening in our family) with friends and loved ones.

A couple of real life friends were blogging at the time and I was already stalking popular family/lifestyle blogs and thought the whole blogging thing was just really cool.

At the same time the hunger for culture, teaching the kids Spanish, and the need and wanting to find other mothers looking for the same was growing. 

I quickly found that I really liked sharing my stories 
(even if I didn't have anyone stalking my blog : )

and reading other's stories.

Right now, at this moment, I can honestly say I still feel the same way. 

I still like to share. 
and still like reading your blogs. 

It's never brought any real income...definitely not the one million followers needed for me to leave nursing and make that kind of income...and that's ok... because that's never been my purpose.

This blogging thing for me is a passion, a way to express myself, who I am and who I want to be... and sometimes... an excuse to avoid cleaning this messy house.

Because seriously, if you saw my house right'd rather blog too. Seriously.

Blogalicious 2011 is in October.  That's really soon isn't it?

Although I haven't even mentioned it to Kip yet... I really want to go.

BlogHer11 was awesome yet left me with some need to feed on more women bloggers like myself. women of color, who as Americanized as we are, still go crazy for every picture, piece of clothing or slice of flan that yells Latina.

Isn't this what conferences do best? Join us together... to learn, to share, to have a good time. I want to hang out with my hermanas, learn how we can support each other, inspire each other, grow this beautiful blogger community and how not to ever let this color thing hold us back from succeding in anything we set our minds to.
This is the next level.

Dreaming Blogalicious ... and....

crossing my fingers that I win this conference pass... and...

off to clean the kitchen now. ( :

*this post enters me in a random drawing to win a conference pass to Blogalicious 2011. 


Yoly said...

Great post! You know, although I don't comment enough in your casita online, I like to stalk this blog ;) I agree that blogging is a great excuse. Also, wanted to let you know that reading your blog inspires me to exercise.

Crossing fingers you win!! Suerte amiga :)

Ana said...

Yes, great post!! I also stalk blogs...hehehe. I started my blog to journal about my girls and sewing, but never thought that I would actually make friends online. I think that's the best part about bloggin!! I hope you win the pass!!

Anonymous said...

We are all in this blogging universe together. I hope you win the pass and I hope to win next year (by then I should be ready to go).
Great photograph! Keep writing because we keep reading!

Madeline said...

Fingers crossed. I hope you get it!

prenni5 said...

Your Blog inspires me so much!! You are the reason I started a Blog. It's been so good for a journal. I always remember your advice to keep it real--be authentic and Blog about where I'm at, what I'm thinking about, etc. It's great advice! I love you - I love your Blog! xoxo -Annie

Unknown said...

Fingers crossed that we see each other there!! I laughed at your comment about the house. Mine is like that too. I need to find a cleaning lady!

xenia said...

good luck marcela! i don't know a more deserving blogger :)


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