Tuesday, July 13

Paleta's de Arroz con Leche (a recipe)

As I cooked the arroz con leche (rice pudding), I thought of my mom, and her home.  

The sweet smell had both kids curious and wanting to know what I was making, and wanting to help.  
We talked about how mami loved arroz con leche and paletas when she was a kid.  

Jeremiah checked the freezer about 10 times before it was finally time to have one. 

and Audrey's tantrum quickly resolved with one taste ( :


1 cup of rice
1 cinnamon stick
1/2 cup sugar
2/3 cup whole milk
1/3 cup evaporated milk
1/2 cup condensed milk

For the fun stuff:

Put the rice and cinnamon stick in small pot with enough water to cover the rice and more (very important, from experience).  At low heat let the water consume to just above the rice, add whole milk, and continue to cook until rice is "al dente".

Add sugar, mixing quickly.  After about 5 minutes add evaporated milk, continue to mix.  When the rice is cooked to soft, move mixture to mixing bowl so it wont continue to cook, and mix in condensed milk.  Before filling popsicle molds you can mix mixture in blender and then add powdered cinnamon or raisins as you wish.  Freeze atleast 4 hours.


En Español.... a yummy reason to practice your spanish....

1 taza de arroz
1 raja de canela
1/2 de taza de azúcar
2/3 taza de leche entera
1/3 taza del leche evaporada
1/2 taza de leche condensada


Ponga el arroz y la raja de canela en una cacerola con suficiente agua para cubrir el arroz y un poco más.  A fuego lento deje que el agua se consuma hasta el nivel por encima del arroz y agregue la leche entera y siga cocinando has que el arroz esté "al dente".

Añada el azucár, y revuelve ligeramente y cinco minutos despues añada la leche evaporada revolviendo nuevamente.  Cuando el arroz esté cocido vacíelo en un plato servidor para que no se cocine de más y agregue la leche condensada.  Antes de pasar el arroz con leche al molde de las paletas, puede licuarse en un procesador y luego agregarle canela en polvo o pasas al gusto.  Lleve al congelador por 4 horas.


*toma leche (got milk?) shared this recipe with me.  I am sharing it with you because it's a yummy recipe and brings back childhood memories.  I was not given any type of compensation for sharing this recipe.   I have more yummy ones to share...soon. 


tacubagurl said...

OMG perfect for summer!!!!! I've never tried this, but I will soon.

SWFL Doula said...

Arroz con leche me quiero casar.. con una viudita de la capital.... mmmm.. Me encanta el arroz con leche que hace mi mamá.. voy a tener que probar ésta receta.. Gracias por compartir!

Brenda-MejorandoMiHogar said...

Me encanta el arroz con leche frio o caliente, pero ahora tengo que probar estas paletas, se oyen ricas!!!

Dawn said...

Ooooh that sounds good! I have never tried that kind of paleta!

We are making peach ice-cream over here today with fresh peaches and finally warmed up outside!


adrienzgirl said...

I love the flavor of this but have weird issues with texture. Freezing this into pops would totally take care of that! YEAH! I am so making this!

Madeline said...

Oh, yum!!! What a perfect treat.

Marcela said...

@tacubagurl @TheProudMommy @Brenda @Madeline
Definitely try it ladies. They are yummy!

@Dawn Oh my peach ice cream sounds dreamy!! It is warm outside now...almost too warm! I was liking the cool weather mornings and light sun in the afternoons!

@adrienzgirl Yes! The texture isn't so thick after you blend it and since it's frozen, you really don't get to taste the thickness either.

Heidi Leon Monges said...

oh, I love arroz con leche paletas!. I also recently made a batch.


ps. congrats the new banner looks lovely.

Mari Nuñez said...

Wonderful, I didn't think about Arroz con Leche pops before, sounds GOOOOOD.

Anonymous said...

Merci d'avoir un blog interessant

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.


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