Tuesday, October 19

More Marathon Inspiration

These photos from the Nike Women's Marathon make me love being a woman.

Runners have raised $105.5 Million over the last 7 years for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Can you believe how awesome that is?!?!

Leah Thorvilson crossing the finish line @ 2:46:42.  This woman is amazing!

A race through Union Square, along the San Francisco Bay with views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.....

is making my legs feel less sore.  I just might sign up for this next year. ( :

*photo credits:  Nike/Susan Goldman
*no monetary compensation was given for this post. 


PotterMama said...

Your running motivates me! I am training for my first 5k and doing the "couch to 5k" program, and it's sadly kicking my butt! I am getting better though! I hope to be able to do a marathon around this time next year!

Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

I'll see you there!! A couple of my friends did the SF marathon and it was so motivating. Looks like I'll be running through the hills and rain with you next year!

Krista said...

WOW! I'm so happy for you that you finished your first marathon! That is wonderful - what an accomplishment.

If you wanna send me an email - I'll reply with a lowdown on the gluten-free stuff. I'm pretty sure my email is under my profile. Or you can friend me on FB - last name Vasquez. :)


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