Tuesday, October 19

My first Marathon

So, originally I was signed up to run the Nike Womens Marathon in San Francisco (courtesy of Nike, I <3 them), I was super,super excited....the views, the benefiting Leukemia,the chocolate mile, and that special Tiffany's necklace you get when you finish.

But then life and family got in the way.  Jeremiah had a football game the day before, and there was no way to get my family there in time to see me finish.  So, I thought....chocolate and necklace ...or family support...  

my little ones won in the end ( :

But Nike will forever be my favorite sports brand for being so supportive of mom runners/athletes.  And there is always next year...although with the pain I am in right now.... ( :

Luckily I was able to find that the Long Beach Marathon was still open...

Here I am, at 4:30 in the morning, ready scared and nervous to run a marathon in just 3 hours and tired on the little sleep (tossing and turning all night) I had the night before.  Maybe that big meal of mashed potatoes, pasta, chicken and salad was the culprit of the little sleep. ( :

A juice smoothie for breakfast, outfit ready and shoes tied (courtesy of Nike) and iPod ready I headed out to Long Beach. 
No traffic all the way... and then I get there and it takes me 1 hour to just find parking. 

My advice:  If you are ever participating in a huge event like this, get there EARLY.   By the time I got to the starting line the first wave of runners were off, luckily with my slow pace I wasn't due to start my run until the sixth wave of runners. 

I joined my cliff bar pacer team at the starting line.  I highly recommend joining a pacer team if you decide to run a marathon.  I couldn't have done it without them.  We all introduced each other and supported each other the whole way.  It was amazing. 
Every time we would get to our next mile, our pacer leader would dedicate that mile to special people...
"let's dedicate this next mile to kids with Autism, we will run this mile for them!"
"let's dedicate mile 10 to parents who are running with strollers" (yes, there were marathoners running with strollers....can you believe that?!?!?!)
We would find runners along the way that needed an extra push...
"let's run this mile for ...what's you name?...Dan, we are running alongside Dan, this mile is for him!"

We encountered special people all the way.  A husband pushing his wife in a wheelchair, a mom running for her two children she lost to cancer, people with disabilities.  It was so awesome, and so inspirational.
I felt good right till about mile 15, tired trough 18, and then if not for the support from other runners and all those amazing spectators I think I could have easily given up.  Mile 18 has to be the hardest, I think it's the hardest mile for most runners.  This is around the time your body switches from using glycogen stores and starts using fat as fuel. 

The Long Beach community was there all the way... giving out orange and banana slices, jolly ranchers, necklaces and water.  Kids cheering us, posters, high fives, it was so special. 
And the Long Beach Marathon was awesome about having water and powerade stations throughout the run.

I have no complaints. 

Those last 8 miles were super hard.  Every step I used everything I had in me.  With the help of my pacer team I somehow got to mile 22...and I knew...I am going to finish this.   Exhausted, and emotional, all I could do was keep going.  I was so close.

I was at mile 25.  At that point I left my pacer team behind letting them know I was going to go a little faster and finish before my goal pace. I have no idea where it came from.  I just HAD to finish,  I wanted to be at that finish line.  That feeling is like nothing I have ever felt.  It feels good and so hard to describe.


Then I saw my family.  Kip taking pictures.  The kids yelling for me.  I saw my mom and sister waving.  And suddenly I got this energy boost.  

Feet and legs heavy, I saw that finish line.  

Those yards felt so long.  

I could feel that finish line. 

I could see Jeremiah jumping up and down and yelling.

Later I asked what he was saying...."that's my mom, that's my mom!"

I know this was a super long post ( :  Just couldn't make it any smaller!

I did it!

I ran a marathon!!!

BTW: I didn't realize this until just now that I am writing this post (which is great!) clothing was completely dry when I got to the finish line.  Nike's Dry Fit line rocks!

* No monetary compensation was given for this post.  Nike provided race fees and a cute outfit and shoes for me to run in.  I have always been a Nike brand user, but now with how much they love mom runners... I will use them even more.  


Catalina said...

You just maid my eyes swell with tears of joy and inspiration. Gosh Marcela, that is an incredible experience. You did IT momma, Congratulations!!! BTW, your post is the perfect size. ;)

Yoly - Cuponeando said...

What a great post. Just when I'm thinking of an excuse not to exercise today I say your tweet. I'm so glad I did.

What an incredible experience! and what an inspiring post.

Marcela said...

Thank you friends for your support!!! It means so much!!

Brenda said...

Wow!! Felicidades!! A mi también me tenías con la emoción a todo lo que da con los niños! Me encantó el post, Saludos!

Yara said...

Lo hiciste! You did it! ( Dora style:) You are an inspiration for me to do my little 5K!

Unknown said...

And you said it was long post! Well it didn't feel long at all! I was with you the whole time reading your experience. Amazing! I still can't believe how people run marathons. Thanks so much for sharing! Felicitaciones amiga!! I'm so happy for you!!

PS: You make we want to exercise and try the dry fir outfit!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! How exciting and inspiring! Love the pics, too!

Winks & Smiles,

yoli said...

Congratulations Marcela!

You are an inspiration to all moms and non-moms alike!

<3 you

tacubagurl said...

amazing! you did a great job AND you have inspired me! maybe i should try this too . . .

i couldnt help but notice that some poor man fell in one of you pictures =/ poor guy he must of been tired

Madeline said...

Congratulations!!! You did it! :)

SoCal_Me said...

How very fabulous. Congratulations!!

Heidi Leon Monges said...

CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!! Permiteme unirme a tu familia y decirte lo orgullosa que también yo estoy de ti.

Wow. A Marathon!!

My hubs runs half marathons and his been pushing me to this with him like in forever. I think I´ve just found my motivation. :-)


Marathon Maritza said...

Congratulations on your first marathon!!!! What a great recap and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it as much as I did. Mile 18 is what separates the girls from the women, and you came through with strength and flying colors! Great job!!!

And hey, it must be good luck because we wore the same shirt! (I love Nike athletic wear best, even though I do have to run in Sauconys.)

Thank you for visiting my blog and keep running strong!

Marcela said...

Yes! I was so sad for him when I saw pictures that he had fallen. I would have totally helped!

My husband says he got up immediately and finished!!!

@all of you awesome ladies!!

Thanks for all the sweet comments!!!!

Julie Kieras said...

Oh wow - yay for you! I did my first HALF Marathon in CT in 2008. Then I got prego and haven't been able to do another one...yet! I am very happy to read about your success though! I wish you the best in your running!
PS: I'm from and I found you through Metropolitan Mama's link! :)

Carrie at Tiki Tiki! said...

I always am late to the party, but congratulations and a cheer for you that is loud and real. YOU are inspiring!

Mommy Mi said...

I know this was last year, but it made me so emotional. Having your families support and being able to accomplish something like this must of felt amazing!
I have been wanting to run a marathon for sometime. I know my boys would be so helpful if I did something like this. After I have my darling little girl, I pledge to run for all those who cant. And to show that moms all over the world can do amazing things! <3

Cristina-Colombiana en CA said...

Que bien, te felicito! Tremendo esfuerzo, yo no hubiera podido correr ni media milla. Wow, Marcela, que logro, felicitaciones. Ademas que el post me encanto, contaste todas las emociones perfectamente. Me senti como si hubiera estado ahi, esperando a que llegaras a la meta :)


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