Friday, December 2

after the storm (Deceber 2nd)

We found this on our walk this morning.
The wind storm made such a mess (never seen anything like this here) but we are safe and workers are in full force getting everything back to normal.

I'll be posting a daily picture during the first 25 days of December (excited!), the December Photo Project is something I am really looking forward to! You should join!

December Photo Project


Cynthia (Dos Borreguitas) said...

i saw the news and thought of you. those storm winds were intense! glad you and the kiddos are safe! DC has also had crazy weather in past few years. my daughter has experienced a blizzard, hurricane, AND an earthquake (okay, it was a little shake, but still).

prenni5 said...

That photo is insane!! I cannot imagine how strong a wind would have to be to uproot a tree of that size. I'm so glad you guys are safe. The December photo project sounds awesome..I'm gonna do it. But first I have to find my camera that Laine was playing with 3 days ago.

Ana said...

My sister and I were just talking about this the other day. She lives in L.A. so I was wondering if she was out of power. Thankfully, she was not. I was telling her how when we grew up there, it never got like that. It's insane! I grew up there but don't recall anything like that either. WOW. Glad y'all are safe. =)

Ana said...

I had never seen anything like it either. Glad to hear you everything is ok with you guys, too!


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