Saturday, December 31

to a beautiful new year!

via Chie Mihara

Today's plans include, a trip to the dog park, taking my mom out to lunch (it's her birthday today!), shopping for a yummy dinner and fancy dessert (I'm thinking chocolate lava cakes with vanilla ice cream) and ringing in the new year with my favorite people and dog ever.

We'll sit on the couch, watch a movie together, and pour the kids sparkling berry cider. Early of coarse...since we will all probably be asleep before midnight. (:

The last couple of day Iv'e been reading all about the 2012 Whole Body Challenge... (after chocolate lava cakes) and plan to start Jan. 2. My body needs it. 

A happy healthy new year year to you!!!

xoxo Marcela

PS. I am in love with every single Chie Mihara pair of shoes!!!


Ana said...

I'm now I'm in love too! I love this shoes line!! Happy New Year!

Mary Beatty said...

I'm glad your sharing the day with your Mom since its her birthday. Please give her my love and wish her happy birthday and Happy New Year from me. Happy New Year to all of you. Much love, Mary

Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

Happy New Year!
I love those shoes too! However, I don't like how I almost go into cardiac arrest every time I see the price. OH well, Look and lust.
Cheers to you and your family!

MJ said...

We are having the same dessert!!! Also a very low key celebration at home!! Hope you had a great year and wish you all the best for this next one!! mucho exito!!

Color Land said...

love this shoes line too!
te deseo lo mejor en el 2012, que el siguiente año este lleno de luz, paz, amor, prosperidad, felicidad, amor, salud y muchisisisismas cosas lindas mas!

mis mejores deseos


Marcela said...

Happy New Years to all of you!!!!

@Laura So true about the price...we can only dream....

Connie Leon said...

Thank You on your well wishes! You are always sooo positive and happy!!! I love that there are other moms out there who don't mind watching a movie on NYE and saying goodnight by midnight! I wish you so many MORE Blessing in 2012! :D I want to be healthier this year and loose some I am going to look into this challenge! :D HAPPY 2012!!!!

Stephanie said...

We didn't make it until midnight either...but we did have root beer floats to celebrate! :)

Happy 2012 to you and your family.


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