Thursday, December 1

what the winds blew in

It was so windy last night. So very windy. I woke up in the middle of the night asking Kip "an earthquake?". 

It is still windy.

School is canceled due to power loss and walking outside is pretty scary. Trees fallen over, branches, and a mess everywhere.

Max didn't sleep all night and is still on guard making sure things are okay.

On a good note... we are all home today, our elf on the shelf came out (Audrey has already gotten a "Cody the elf is watching"... so you better be good warning), and I daringly walked out to the garage to get our Christmas decorations... making the house look Christmasy is in store for us today. ( :

Join me, I'm taking part in the December Photo Project...

December Photo Project


prenni5 said...

I believe that our Elf on the Shelf arrives today too. His name is Tim. That wind sounds crazy!! Be safe. xo

Ana said...

I really need to get me one. Those are just too darn cute. I'm afraid though mine would end up on the sink full of water or something. My daughter's in this phase where she loves to give baths to every doll she has. LOL


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