Wednesday, December 14

drinks to keep you warm

During the winter and specially during the holidays I get cravings for all my favorite warm drinks. These drinks remind me of growing up...hanging out a friends house, visiting grandma in El Salvador, celebrating the holiday's with loved ones, or loving it when a family friend or relative dropped it off as a gift. Here are some of my favorite drinks during the Holidays...

What are some of your favorite warm drinks during the Holidays?
If you have a link to a yummy recipe, please leave it in the comments!


Unknown said...

I'm a strictly coffee girl myself. It's perfect for dipping Oreos in:)

Ana said...

I love Ponche. I make it on Christmas.

I haven't had Atole in a long time... now I'm craving some. My Mom brought me a magazine from Mexico last time she went and it's a magazine that is all about ATOLES. There is every flavor you can imagine. I think I may pull it out and try a few recipes. =)

Connie Leon said...

My fav is ponche! :D Love it! :D

prenni5 said...

YUM - YUM - YUM!!! I plan to try all of these when I get back home. Thank you for sharing! xo


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