Wednesday, December 14

has someone been eating my porridge??

Someone has been in my home.
(I know it)

Sitting in my chair, laying in my bed....

Little signs are everywhere. 

Baked brownies on the counter top. 
A Christmas gingerbread house...actually out of the box and decorated and ready for Audrey to pick and eat every last candy off of it.

And this morning....

I get up to make coffee.
No old grounds and filter but a new clean filter ready to be filled. 

No coffee pot filled with yesterdays coffee but a nice clean coffee pot. 

And then as I poured water in the coffee maker.... water overflowing from the top and I running for towels to clean up with...I knew. 

Someones been in my home.

...if only she'd return. 

Who will clean my coffee pot today? (:

Grandma went home yesterday and we miss her already. 

That someone also let me know that porridge is really just oatmeal...just thicker. ( :

(I never knew that)


Katie Bug said...

I know just how you feel, girl! My mother in law was here for two weeks over thanksgiving and the laundry hasn't been the same since. She does EVERYTHING!

Mary Beatty said...

I woke up today and there was no Max to bark hello, no Audrey to give sweet kisses, no Miah to tease about Asia, no Marcela trying to get some rest so she could work all night and no Kip to tell me the weather before I got out of bed. It feels very quiet and lonely. I miss my family and wish we all lived closer.

Unknown said...

awww you are loved! I miss those days when i would leave for work and return to a comfy home lol now i gotta make it comfy and sweet with 2 lil ones running around. enjoy amiga!

Xenia said...

That's adorable! I never knew that about porridge either, good to know!

prenni5 said...

Such a sweet post!! I know she LOVED being at your house and misses you guys dearly! :(


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