Friday, December 9

bringing him home

*This is a sponsored post. 

I'm writing this struggling to find the right words to say just how happy our home is now, having Max with us.  
After loosing Lincoln and Coco in the same year, all of us so hurt from loosing the two of them, I think we just felt we could never find the right dog. 
And then one night (Kip, Audrey and I snuggling in the same bed) as I looked through rescue dog pictures (just like I did every so often) I saw a picture of him. 
It said "loves kids"
and I'm not sure if that's what did it....but I showed his picture to Kip that night... and emailed the rescue group, like he said I should,the next morning. 
Audrey and I drove up to meet him (Kip and Jeremiah at a football game) and as soon as we did I felt a piece of Lincoln calling to me from inside him. He was so sweet to Audrey as he let her place her sweater over him
"he's so cold mama"
"he has fur Audrey"
"but he's so cold mama"

I called Kip and told him about all my first impressions...and as soon as I told him that he reminded me of Lincoln he said...
"what are you waiting for, bring him home". 

at park

This dog is something special. Just the right age for us. Just the right amount of energy. Just the right training. Just the right dog.

How could such a dog be abandoned?

at dog park

So many dogs like Max are waiting for someone to rescue them. So many.
I am so happy to help promote The Shelter Project campaign, a public service campaign from The Ad Council, The Humane Society and Maddie's Fund, aimed at increasing the number of pets that get adopted from shelters and rescue groups versus pet shops and breeders.  

Please, please adopt your dog from a rescue or shelter. 
It's something super special

It brings such a good feeling to your heart, helping a dog out and bringing a new family member into your home.

My personal opinion: it's the best option for a family with kids. Dogs are a HUGE commitment but finding a dog from a rescue or shelter who is trained and a right fit for your family is so much easier than going through all the training and time that a puppy requires.

If you or someone you know is looking for a friend...have them visit The Shelter Project
you can also find them on twitter and on Facebook

Do you have a dog? Is it a rescue dog? I would love to hear your story!

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Mary Beatty said...

I have had the pleasure of meeting Max and I agree he is a perfect dog. I love him too.

prenni5 said...

I LOVED this post. It actually made me cry!! I loved Lincoln soooo much, so if Max is anything like him; I'm already smitten! xo

Ana said...


Katie Bug said...

Marcela, this is so great! We JUST adopted Freddy from the Athens K-9 rescue and we are so in love. I call him the son I never had! You are exactly right, there is something special about the bond between a rescued dog and his owner. We must be on the same wavelength b/c I was thinking about blogging about him tomorrow!

rachel said...

What a gorgeous dog!


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