Monday, December 19

wrapping gifts

Iv'e been wrapping gifts all day (so late, I hope all of them get to their recipients on time!).  The kids have been driving me crazy all day. There have been about ten thousand fights which makes it ten thousand times harder to wrap a gift. It seems the no tv find something else to do was not the best of my ideas. 

I am proud of my wrapping though... every last piece of wrapping, ribbon or tag was recycled, either from gifts we received throughout the year (including last Christmas), magazines, or those fancy Trader Joes bags.( :

I am in love with their holiday bags! I was able to use the back of the TJ bag to wrap the gifts and  then cut out all the decorations from the front to make the gifts look fancy. I had Audrey rub glue stick on the decorations and then glued them on to the gifts. Every gift turned out completely different and unique and with a special touch from Audrey. 

What do you think? 

Are you all done wrapping? Do you recycle all the ribbon, bows, wrapping and bags you encounter throughout the year?

What do your gifts look like?


Catalina said...

I throw almost everything away (recycling bin if it can be recycled). Except for ribbons and bows -- those always get reused by me throughout the year. We just shopped the other day, so I need to jump on my wrapping. Love the bags you used -- great idea!!

Mary Beatty said...

I think your packages look great. I'm proud of you for caring so much about our environment. I wish I was as clever as you.

Color Land said...

wow those packages look great!
I always try to reuse some paper, ribbons, stickers and evrything I found to wrap again :)
I'm not done yet with my wrapping, hopefullly tomorrow....

Jackie said...

What a great idea! :) They all look very nice!

I was just talking to my mom this afternoon about how we needed to get creative and do some wrapping.

prenni5 said...

OH...I love this!! Love that you used all recyclable stuff to do your wrapping. Very cool!! And the packages look beautiful! This is my plan for next year...I cut the fronts off all my pretty Xmas cards and plan to use them for decorating or gift tags next year. :)


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