Monday, December 5

grandma is here

(Audrey has been playing with Christmas tree ornaments all morning. She takes them off, then hangs them back on, then takes them off and puts them back, then all over again...)

Our weekend was lovely and filled with family. Grandma Mary is here visiting and we are all in love with having her here.

She washed our windows (inside and out) and washed and dried and ironed our curtains. LOVE her.

Cheered real loud for Jeremiah at his bowl game in San Diego this weekend. Jeremiah LOVES her.

Snuck Max a hot dog and Audrey's leftover egg yolk without Kip noticing. He LOVES her.

Gave Audrey a cookie after she had already had ice cream and I had said no more. Audrey LOVES her.

And Kip has mom here....he LOVES her.

I have a fun week planned here this week... so stay tuned...a gift guide and some giveaways...hope your December is already filled with love and family...


Mary Beatty said...

I loved being with your family. Thank you for the warm welcome and sharing all your activities with me. I had a lovely time and can't wait to come back again. I love you all.

prenni5 said...

Awww!!! I loved this post. I know how much she loves being there with you guys. She misses you terribly! Wish we all lived closer. xo


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