Thursday, December 8

Flor Larios

As I loved on Monica's Nacimientos board on Pinterest this morning I saw  Flor Larios lovely Holiday Card Set and knew I had to share her work with you.

Flor's work is something I have admired for some time now (I've told her before how much I love her :)... when I see it, I am filled with thoughts of love, motherhood and Christmas.

Christmas Holiday Card set by Flor Larios
Mary with Rosary by Flor Larios 
Blue Veil Madonna Holiday Greeting Cards

Mother and Child-Folk Art Print


Katie Bug said...

Gorgeous art work!! It is totally making me rethink my standard photocards. I absolutely love the pictures of Mary. Don't you view her in a completely different way after becoming a mother?

Cynthia (Dos Borreguitas) said...

these are beautiful cards. what a gifted artist.

Flor Larios Art said...

Thank you so much Marcela for posting about my work!
Looks beautiful!
Thanks Katie and Cynthia for your kind comments :)
Happy Holidays!

prenni5 said...

WOW!! These are truly stunning. I love them! My favorite is the Blue Veil Madonna. Absolutely gorgeous!!

Ana said...

I'm not catholic but MAN! Those are beautiful! I have a Catholic friend who would love those too. Totally bookmarking. Thanks for sharing girl!

Stephanie said...

Such beautiful artwork!

And isn't Pinterest fun? Are we following each other? I'm at: :)


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